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Louisiana is comprised of 64 parishes, governmental units which are considered political subdivisions of the state. The Louisiana legislature, as allowed in the constitution, has provided for the creation and governing of municipalities within a parish. The political structure is then interlaced with school districts, hospital service districts, and other special service districts. So, for example, the parish sales tax levied by a parish council or police jury may also be complemented with a school board tax and a special service district tax.

St. Charles Parish does not have municipalities. Sales taxes are levied by the Parish Council (1 7/8 %), the fire service district (1/8 %) and the school board (3 %) and apply consistently across the parish. While many parishes have municipalities within its boundaries with different sales tax rates. St. Charles Parish sales tax is 5% throughout.

St. Charles Parish School Board and the Parish Council have an agreement whereby St. Charles Parish School Board is the Collector of sales and use taxes. As part of this agreement the school board is charged with the collection of the sales and use taxes and enforcement of the sales tax laws.

The sales tax office is located within the central office of the St. Charles Parish School Board. No appointments are necessary. The staff is available to assist with any of your sales tax needs, included assisting in the filing of the sales tax return.